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By Cellunlockernet9:53 pm March 10, 2014

The Rogers iPhone 5C was released in September 2013. Like the 5S, the device is pentaband, LTE capable and uses a nano-sim card. The 5C is available in white, blue, green, yellow and pink and runs iOS7. The device has a 4″ IPS LCD, multi-point touch screen with LED backlight. The 5C comes in 2 versions: 16GB and 32GB, both not expandable. It also has a 8MP camera with LED flash, HDR and HDR panorama. The front facing camera is 1.2MP which allows you to facetime on wi-fi and your mobile data network.

This iPhone has a dual-core, 1.3 GHz Swift processor with a Power VR SGX M43MP3 GPU. As usual, you’ll have Siri preloaded waiting to serve you. You will also get in-call noise cancellation, iCloud syncing, and a document viewer for Microsoft Office files. Like all iPhones, this device has a non-removeable battery. The 5C supports up to 250 hours on standby and up to 10 hours of talk time.

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Reasons to remote unlock your Rogers iPhone 5C with Cellunlocker.net

* If you are travelling, buy a local SIM card and save on roaming fees
* The resell value of the iPhone device will increase significantly as it is available to more carriers.
* Easily switch between SIM card, using the same phone.
* Unlock your phone from the comfort of your own home
* No complicated software, or jailbreaking, just plug your iPhone into itunes.
* There is absolutely no risk of damaging your iPhone by unlocking it.
* The phone is permanently unlocked, even after updates and restores

How to Unlock Rogers iPhone 5C

* Device must be activated beforehand for the unlock to work
* You will need an active compatible foreign sim card and access to the latest version of iTunes

1. Turn ‘Find My Phone’ off and insert your foreign sim card
2. Connect the device to iTunes
3. Your device is now unlocked!

Unlock Your Rogers iPhone 5C Today!

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