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Galaxy S8 to be on sale April 21

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By 1sagain2:17 am February 24, 2017

Galaxy S8 to be on sale April 21


Latest news leaks report that the Galaxy S8 device line up will most likely go on sale sometime around April 21. We are unsure as to which regions will receive it first, nonetheless. This information was stated by a “higher up” official working for a certain mobile network provider. The announcement and presentation is expected on March 29 in New York city.

So far the information we have is basically the following:

The Galaxy S8 series will include the S8 at about 5.8 inches and the Galaxy S8 Plus will be 6.2 or 6.1 inches (rectangular or rounded). Based on speculation both models will have the Snapdragon 835 chips, 4GB of RAM and a 12 MP back camera (dual pixel) with an 8 MP front camera.

The iris scanner worked remarkably well on the Note 7 in our tests with super speedy performance. We are certain Samsung will include the iris scanner on the S8 devices. Water resistance is expected to be beefed up to IP68 compared to the Note 7 and S7 Edge’s IP 67.

There is possible S PEN compatibility with one or both of the model versions.


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