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Galaxy S8 Always-On Home Button moves around to prevent Burn-In On Phone

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By Charlie Yu10:34 pm April 26, 2017


Samsung’s S8 will also come with the notable always-on display but that also includes a always on home button. User’s who worried about burn-in on the AMOLED display need no longer worry as Samsung incorporated a timer that moves the home button a little bit to prevent this.

The S8 dropped the physical home button in favor of a virtual/hardware button under the display. This solution, we found, is a lot more interesting and innovative. The pressure sensitive home key is possible thanks to a pressure strip under the lower part of the display underneath.

To enable the home button, simply go to AOD settings and select “Home button only”.

Thanks to this clever solution, Samsung has pretty much avoided any potential for a burn in image on the display. The people at Galaxy Club used a measuring tape to see how much it moves.


OLED displays, just like the old plasma displays, definitely are susceptible to burn-in issues. However, this can be avoided overall by having the pixels stay active and different images are played back. Static images will burn up diodes in these displays. This is why Samsung has AOD information move around on screen after a set timer is up.

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