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Samsung Launches the Swim-Tracker Enabled Gear Fit 2 PRO and brings Huge Upgrades to the Samsung IconX Wireless Earbuds

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By Charlie Yu11:07 pm August 30, 2017



The well received Gear Fit 2 fitness band along with the Samsung IconX wireless earbuds have received some major upgrades this year. Sports data tracker enthusiasts may appreciate the added “Swim-Tracking” feature to the watch. The Gear Fit 2 Pro has the same shape and form factor as the original Gear Fit 2 does. The curved Super AMOLED display wraps around your wrist with a detachable rubber band to strap it down on your wrist. The Gear Fit 2 Pro is being launched alongside the newly announced Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch.


In order to enable the Gear Fit 2 PRO to track your swimming data they upgraded the smartwatch to resist watery depths of 50m (waterproofing). The watch also now supports continuous heart rate monitoring to keep a real time record of your heart beats per minute while working out so that you no longer need to keep thinking about turning it on in between runs. The internal specs, however, remains largely the same.



Another newly upgraded product is the Samsung IconX 2018 Edition. The huge upgrade that the company provides is in the battery life. The original Samsung IconX wireless earbuds could operate for a measily 1.5 hours of play time. However, with the new 2018 edition the IconX can now playback your music for 5 hours and 7 hours if the music is played off of its internal storage. That is a huge step up indeed.

The price of the Gear Fit 2 Pro is set at $199 and will be available for retail on September 15th 2017. Those who enjoy tracking health data and exercising should find good reason to upgrade to this new watch. The Amoled display is, as expected, vivid in color, crisp, and bright. As usual, Samsung is enabling developers and designers to constantly create new Watch Faces that users can enjoy swapping around to their tastes. Various Watch Faces can be designed to highlight as much stats as possible or perhaps highlight one stat such as the heart beat stat, daily steps, elevation, and calorie consumption measurements within the day.


The rubber / silicon straps that cradle the Gear Fit 2 PRO is detachable and replaceable. However, they are not designed for on the go swapping (though you can). This function is largely used as an easy means of replacing damaged straps that may occur during intense training or work outs. The band, this year, has a cool “crystalized” design as well. Choices of colors include black, or black with red colors highlighting underneath the watch. It looks rather cool and “sporty”.

The Gear Fit 2 PRO will support both the Android and iOS ecosystem and the company promises that the smartwatch will last a crazy long 4 days of usage on a single charge.

Moving on to the Gear Icon X, yes it does look (in terms of design) largely the same compared to the 2016 versions but don’t let that fool you. On top of the huge battery life upgrade Samsung is offering up some new colors including; black, pink and gray. The IconX will include a personal running coach, automated activity tracking systems (such as going for runs or going for hikes up mountains) as well as the ability to store up to 1,000 songs onboard. Samsung has not yet stated how much the IconX 2018 Edition would be but this will be revealed in the fall of 2018.





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