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Samsung Galaxy S9 Reports Indicate Inclusion of Stereo Speakers and 3D Emoji

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By Charlie Yu10:16 am February 13, 2018

Samsung is always making new strides to provide the latest and greatest in a bid against their largest rival: Apple. In this case, 3D Emoji’s and Stereo Speakers. The news comes from Korean publication ETNews. The news company indicated that Samsung’s 3D Emoji feature will be a lot more powerful than what the iPhone X can provide. Yet the process of tracking the face will be similar. The 3D Emoji feature includes animal characters that can be shared with your friends. 

Samsung’s brand new Exynos processor will enable such powerful “realistic face-tracking abilities” while providing stronger security when unlocking your phone with face unlock. Samsung is not the first to copy Apple’s Animoji’s, the Honor smartphone was their own version as well.

 The Galaxy S9 will also reportedly include Stereo Speakers as well. ETNews reports that the S9 will come with powerful speakers which will be found at the top and the bottom of the device. The S9 and S9 Plus is expected to have Dolby Surround sound which will be tuned by their own acoustics company AKG. 

Who knows how much of all this is true? We will know for certain as the unveiling date looms closer on February 25 at the MWC 2018 Barcelona event. We have already seen a slew of leaks about the S9 which include a redesigned fingerprint sensor that is also placed in a more convenient position, new and improved Samsung DeX features, huge camera improvements, and the inclusion of that awesome 3.5mm headphone jack (yay Samsung!)

The S9 is expected to cost between $835 and $923 which is a large bump up from what the S8 costed ($720).

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