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How to Unlock telus phones

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By Cellunlockernet1:57 am January 15, 2011

Cellunlocker.net is proud to announce that we can unlock any Telus device. (except iphone). You can get your code here

Unlock your Telus device. After you unlock your Telus device, you can change to any GSM Carrier. Simply enter an unlock code to unlock it.

We can eliminate the “enter network pin” or “network code” or “no simcard allowed” message by sending you an unlock code VIA email

Unlock all GSM carriers including:

Unlock Telus Nokia
Unlock Telus HTC
Unlock Telus Samsung
Unlock Telus LG
Unlock Telus Motorola
Unlock Telus Blackberry

Place your order and we will send you your code within 12-24 hours.

We unlock all our phones VIA unlock code, simply enter the unlock code and instructions we send you and it will be unlock to any GSM network

*Your phone must have a simcard slot to unlock it, we cannot unlock Telus CDMA devices (no simcard slot)

Unlock all of the newest Telus models such as:

Unlock Telus HTC 7 Surround
Unlock Telus LG Optimus One with Google
Unlock TelusLG Optimus One with Google
Unlock Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+
Unlock Telus LG Optimus 7
Unlock Telus BlackBerry Torch 9800
Unlock Telus Motorola Charm
Unlock Telus BlackBerry Pearl 3G
Unlock Telus Samsung Galaxy Apollo
Unlock Telus LG Shine Plus with Google
Unlock Telus Nokia E72
Unlock Telus BlackBerry Curve 8530

* Most newer telus devices

You can find your unlock code here at https://www.cellunlocker.net

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