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Microsoft’s Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review Is a Top Choice for Comfort and Use

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By Charlie Yu10:31 pm March 8, 2017

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review


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Rating: 4.9/5.0


Keyboards are an important part of any office job, writer, business man, and enthusiasts. Most keyboards are designed as flat rectangles that simply work. The flat design of keyboards can actually contribute to carpal tunnel and injuries from repetitive movements such as typing. According to Microsoft, our hands (while resting on the table and outstretched) are at a bit of a slant and are not perfectly flat when in their natural state. Most of us force our hands into a flat positions to accommodate our flat keyboards.

Microsoft seems to have been hard at work to figure all this out and to design an ergonomic design that would help people prevent injuries and provide a more comfortable typing experience. That is where the Microsoft Sculpt  Ergonomic Keyboard comes in. It is a fantastic peripheral that helps you get your job done but at the same time prevent any damages that would have otherwise happened to your wrists.

The keyboard has a wavy design and is curved upwards in the middle of the keyboard. The design is also known as a “manta ray” design. There is a split middle and from the split we see downward hills out towards the sides. The keyboard is thin, sleek, and light. The keyboard is also quite small as it does not have a number pad attached, rather it is detached as an additional accessory. Being small in size enables users to carry the device around. The keyboard also ships with an added number pad (detached) and a matte plastic stand that you can simply place underneath the front end of the keyboard which raises your hands as well.

The Sculpt Ergonomic is great at keeping good care of your wrists which is its main purpose and selling point. Microsoft describes the angle and slant as a “natural angle” for your hands, wrists and arms. There is a wrist resting pad as well on the front end of the keyboard. The cushion is not as soft as we would like but it does it’s job better than hard wood desks.

The keyboard has strangely enlarged keys (especially the keys at the center) due to the “split” design. It may take some time to get used to the keyboard but once that is mastered the keyboard is a joy to type on. The key’s are large and give a pretty nice “chiclet” style feedback but with deeper actuation’s. The angle this keyboard enables users to type in is the optimum typing position that enables users to stay comfortable and get their jobs done.

A bit about the Build…

The keyboard is mostly plastic, the plastic in between the keys are of the glossy type while the key caps are matte plastic (along with the underside). Black is the only color option we have seen. The space bar has a nice clicky feel to it and is also separated into two segments (left and right space bars). This enables you to use either thumb which are already resting on the space bars to take action when needed. I found it quite fun when alternating between each thumb. The front end where the palm of your hands (wrists) rest is covered in a soft rubbery clothe material. It is not super soft and pillow like, but there is firmness to it and we believe it does provide a level of comfort. The keyboard is not bluetooth, but it is wireless using a wireless receiver USB dongle. The USB dongle is non-replaceable so be careful. The keyboard uses two AAA batteries and they last a very long time. In our tests we found that the keyboard still operated after 2 months of usage which includes daily article write ups, and a lot of emails.

In Conclusion…

We have tested this keyboard throughout the years and found a lot of this to be true. Compared to it’s flatter counter parts the Sculpt keyboard truly takes off a lot of strain off your wrists. Writing thousands of words per day, everyday can take a toll. We have felt it before in a lot of different cases. If you are in the market for a truly comfortable, sleek, light and compact keyboard that was built with your wrists in mind, we recommend you to take a look at the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard. This summary was written with that very keyboard.


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