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Samsung Releasing Update to Fix Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Red Tint Issue In Phones

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By Charlie Yu6:46 pm April 21, 2017


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ officially launches today (April. 21) here in Canada, but for some users who already have their hands on these devices around the world have noticed a strange red tint on the display.

Samsung was quick to respond and provide an explanation on April 18th. The red tint is not a quality-related defect of the device but a software calibration related topic. Samsung has stated that they plan to release an update that claims to fix this issue for all.

Most s8 and s8+’s did not see this problem but the incoming update will be applied to all models regardless. The update will increase the colour range of the S8 and S8+’s display and also supplement the colour optimisation function.

Users can also go to the settings menu, search for “colour balance” and adjust the setting to remove the tint problem.

The update is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.


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