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Mophie Charge Force Review: A Great Charging Solution for the Galaxy S8

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By Charlie Yu12:21 am June 16, 2017


Today we are reviewing a product released by a prominent smartphone accessories company; Mophie. We all recognize that charging case, or that portable power bar, or that high price tag for premium brand and build. Mophie’s latest and greatest was built around the Galaxy S8’s built-in wireless charging technology. To be more precise, the Mophie charging case takes advantage of that really really well.

The big down sides that many agree to is the sheer size increase whenever you slap on a battery case. It can be thick, bulky and that added heft is quickly noticeable. A sacrifice to prolong your mobile battery life during the day or two away from a power outlet. Mophie seems to be betting on their new product called “Charge Force”.


This new series kicked off for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 as well. The product introduces a different take on modular design. The case itself is a slim, high quality, and made of a type of leather. This case will provide protection. The cool part is in a magnetic component inside the case and a separate battery pack that also has a magnet. When you find yourself running low on power you can simply pull out the battery pack, slap it on (it will stay secured to the back of your case via the two magnetic forces) and enjoy wireless charging technology. The iPhone 7 will have a thicker version of the case as iPhone’s don’t have wireless charging technology yet.

The Build

The case itself provides pretty good protection overall. Sure, it is not one of those heavy armor, heavy duty cases we see but we can expect it to adequately protect our phone’s from nicks and bumps. The case is made from a strong, durable plastic material with a leather overlay. The end result is a comfortable hold in your hands while giving you that solid feel as you use the phone.

The case also is designed to help users find the fingerprint sensor a lot easier. The buttons are also improved so that it retains that high quality click.

Powerstation Mini


The Powerstation Mini is that little battery pack that wirelessly charges your S8. Just pull it out, let it stick onto the back, and off we go on about our day as the phone charges. The battery pack is a 3,300 mAh wireless charge battery. The case will align the battery pack correctly via the magnets as well.

What this means is that whenever you need more power just whip out your Powerstation Mini and hold it close to the back of the case protecting the S8 and every time it will stick together perfectly aligned. Then you simply need to hold down the power button on the Powerstation Mini pack and a haptic vibration will show you that the S8 has entered wireless charging mode.

Charging Speeds


It is important to note that charging speeds are slower than cable charging. However, because the phone has an opening for the charging cable at the back and also the phone is comfortable to use in had (despite that Powerstation Mini attachment).

A downside to this charging solution is that it is quite difficult to get to the fingerprint sensor with the battery pack  magnetically attached. The battery pack creates a “protrusion” that may get in the way.

Another downside is that the Powerstation utilizes Micro-USB to charge up again which mean’s you need an extra cable in your bag. Mophie Powerstations are made to be cross-device compatible which means it will also work with the iPhone 7’s version of the case.

The Mophie Charge Force is well built and designed. A good magnetic connection that aligns the battery pack for correct wireless charging every time is impressive. If you like the idea of modularity for a phone case to charge or not (wirelessly) then this case may be a good option for you.

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